Digital Art, Graphic Design, Illustration

Muid Latif

A former creative consultant to Wayne Enterprise until I got sacked eating Mi-mi™ snacks during a meeting with Lex Luther.

Now for some serious career chronology: MSC Malaysia-Ministry of Human Resource certified N.O.S.S Creative Industry Expert, I am an avid creative practitioner with experience more than a decade. I pay attention to creative thinking, process and executing ideas using conventional method to computer-generated applications to produce both commercial and non-commercial works. I'm a 'trans-mediator' and an illustrator who had been actively working & collaborating with other talented people in the creative industry including Malaysia 1st 3D Animation and 2011 International Emmy Awards nominated 'Saladin: The Animated Series'. Also a contributing writer for Art Malaysia magazine, CUTOUT magazine, Territory and other publication including self-published eBook, 'Mekarnya Cinta Kata-kata dan Puisi' a compilation of poetry, flash fictions, quotes and prose. A recent CNN iReport citizen journalist and the current Behance Malaysia Ambassador since 2010. I spent more than a decade mapping my talent in the creative industry, giving plenty opportunities to young and emerging creative thinkers, and at this moment of life, it's about time I focus on my own happiness by doing what I love best, digital art.