Competition Guideline


Being a member of the International Council of Design (ico-D), we encourage and endorse professional practices of international standards.

Why design competition based on vote of popularity is not an effective method for your product/services?

Design is an important facet of a business.
It is a complex set of processes that keenly look into many areas, such as profit goals, business plans, product life cycle, trends, marketing, customer needs and other aspects that best suit the client’s objectives. Most often, a significant amount of research is required prior to design. The crux of design stems from deliberating solutions using various tools such as idea generation, conceptualising and prototyping. The quality of design rests upon skills, experience and developing sound strategies from qualified and experienced professionals.

Design competitions based on vote of popularity ignores this very important client and designer relationship. Through observation, the final outcome of such competitions results in a sub-par quality that does not fully exemplify the true value of design.

To organise an industry standard design competitions, refer to ico-D’s Competition Guideline.

wREGA does not endorse nor recommend design competitions based on votes of popularity using online platforms and social media.

We recommend members to abstain from entering or participating in such competitions. Contact us at to find out how we can collaborate to ensure your design competition is successful adhering to industry standards.