CREATE: wREGA Design Talk

Moss Motion 

Speaker: Jack Law and TK Khoo
Title of Talk: “Future-Forward 3D Art: Creativity through Technology”

Jack Law is a 3D enthusiast with a passion for art direction and motion design, co-founded Moss Motion, a design studio brings creativity to life using technology. TK Khoo is a versatile 3D-Artist who has successfully channelled his creative talents into diverse multidisciplinary domains. Together with Jack, he co-founded Moss Motion, a dynamic creative partnership committed to fervently exploring innovative visual styles. Their collaborative endeavours span across shaping corporate branding, crafting distinctive conference identities, and producing captivating digital art.

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Speaker: Fizah Rahim and Rezaliando
Title of Talk: “Southeast Hands. Global Brands”

Machineast is a team of multidisciplinary artists and designers known for their expertise in 3D typography and impactful brand visuals. Their commitment to the art and technique of design SSL Studioenables them to craft intricate multicolour visuals tailored to elevate brands. With over two decades of industry experience, Machineast has been the go-to collaborator for global creative agencies, art museums, and top-tier brands, consistently delivering aesthetically captivating and innovative solutions.

SSL Studio

Speaker: Shan Shan Lim from SSL Studio
Title of Talk: Unearthing Innovation in Tradition

Shan Shan Lim is a multidisciplinary artist and designer based in Malaysia. Servicing global clients she run her own design practice since 2017.
Her work spans several mediums, industries and cultures from weave to canvas, India to the UK. 

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Jonathan Hirsch

Speaker: Jonathan Hirsch from Hirsch Works
Title of Talk: From Graphic Design Towards digital Product Design

Jonathan Hirsch is a veteran of the UK digital media industry, having spent 25 years there as a Digital Architect before moving to Malaysia in 2019. He has designed digital products and services for a wide range of organisations across public and private sectors. His work encompasses user experience design, information architecture, and business process transformation. His final project before relocating to Malaysia was designing the UK’s post-Brexit trade-tariff management system.

Jon has a particular interest in education and skills, and authored the UK National Skills Strategy for Interactive Media & Computer Games, as well as the National Occupational Standards for the sector. He strongly believes that design thinking and product design skills are key competencies in the modern knowledge economy (for any job or role, not just design-specific ones), and their teaching should form a core part of school curricula from as early an age as possible.